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Outhouse Music
Released 10.7.2022



Outhouse Music
Released 6.17.2022

“Bioluminate” sports an addictive flow emanating from a band in perfect harmony." - The Rockologist   Read Full Article

“With bliss married to wicked grin, “Bioluminate” should become a perfect antidote to our sadness-drenched times."
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“With well-constructed songs as a basis and a cartload of carefully placed musical details, this is fine record."
- Rockportaal   
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“Mark Rechler is an established keyboard player in the American rock music world. The funk and rock songs he performs on the 'Circus Mind' albums come from his own vein as an accomplished composer" - RootsTime   Read Full Article

"The vocals at certain moments might call to mind Mick Jagger.
I done lost my shoes / And my wallet too/And I lost my friends/I’m so ashamed / I was playing at the bar/I guess things went too far / Now I lost myself." 
Michael's Music Log   
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Outhouse Music
Released 5.21.2021

“An upbeat album that would lift the spirits in any pandemic."
- Get Ready To Rock!   
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“Like a three-ring circus, the band can slide seamlessly between rock, funk, and swampy N’awlins grooves, all while referencing some of the best bands of that era with infectious hooks that get stuck in your ear hole."
- Exclusive Magazine   
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“One of my favorite tracks on the release, JazzFest Time, has that New Orleans pumped up street jazz sound. This track really hums with great percussion, punchy horn section, and a terrific trombone solo. Excellent!"
- BMan's Blues Report   Read Full Article

“Mark Rechler is an intense creative. 'Joy Machine' is an album with incredible diversity." - Via Nocturna   Read Full Article

"A rhythm & blues soul mixture that really boils up to the end.
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